TIL – You Have to Segment Your Market

Today I Learned you have to segment your market. I built my app to learn how to navigate the Google Play and Apple App Stores. But being forced to write the app store description is making me learn about marketing. It’s also making me change the app to make it useful to each user.

I have to ask, why should a potential user choose my app instead of the countless others?

The Person Who Wants to Watch Their Weight (Generic User)

The Person Who Wants to Watch Their Weight is my generic user.  Apparently I don’t know them well enough.


The Athlete

The Athlete competes in weight classes. He has to keep his weight within a range or he’s thrown into another weight class. That’s bad. He’s going to need an app that works well in a crowded locker room. Big buttons. Big User Interface. A way to see where he is on the scale and if he’s going stay within his weight class.


 The Expectant Mother

The expectant mother is excited. She’s doing yoga. She may weigh in at the yoga studio or at home. She’s going to want to know how much she is gaining and losing over time.


So much to learn! But it’s making the app better. Have you checked out the app?

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