How to install Kdenlive 16.08.3 on Centos Linux 7.3

One of the great things about Centos Linux (aka Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Linux) is the packages are stable and mature.

Unfortunately, that also means current versions of a package may depend on libraries that aren’t officially in Centos yet.

Case in point:  I had to reinstall Kdenlive. The current version (16.08.3) depends on libraries that aren’t available. You’ll think the package is broken. And the version of Kdenlive that shipped with Centos 7.3 won’t start. So if you have a video to edit, it’s time to panic.

So, for others in the same boat:

  1. Install the repo with the current version of kdenlive
  2. Install the current kdenlive
    sudo yum –enablerepo=cr install kdenlive

Result: kdenlive will start but some icons will be missing.
Fix it with sudo yum install breeze-icon-theme


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